Science Fair Projects: How to Think Out of the Box W

Published: 09th September 2011
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Science Fair Projects: How to Think Out of the Box When Selecting One

by Mort Barish

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Kids just get tired of doing the same old science fair projects. There is one about

volcanoes and another about eggs and another using baking soda. But it does not have to be this way. There are science fair projects that are really different from the usual, and very kid friendly.

For example there is a science fair project which helps you determine whether music will have any effect on blood pressure. Can you imagine how much fun the youngsters will have playing different types of music and measuring your blood pressure to see what affect it has. Will Beethoven and Bach cause pressure to go up? Will hard rock make it go even higher? What about Frank Sinatra and Barbra Steisand? Will women react differently than men? Will boys respond in a different manner than girls? These are all interesting hypotheses for science fair projects. The research that the student does will provide the answers to these interesting questions. There is a website called that has over 400 of these kid friendly science fair projects on virtually every subject imaginable.

Do you ever wonder who has a better memory, a man or a woman? Or does a girl remember things better than a boy? All of this type of experimenting can be done in another science fair project on the subject of memory. The student will gather his or her subjects and put them thru a series of tests and drills testing their ability to remember things. The science fair project on the subject of memory can be as simple or as complicated as the student wishes. Different levels of involvement are appropriate for different grade levels when doing science fair projects

After all, memory is a function of the brainís ability to retain information. There are many types of memory based on duration, nature and retrieval of perceived items, which may include encoding, storage and retrieval. There is for example short term memory which refers to the exact time that something is perceived, and there is long term memory which can go on for many years. You may forget a seven digit string of numbers in a short time, but you may remember our old telephone number for many years after you have discarded that number. All of these things can play a part while doing a science fair project on the subject of memory.

Another yummy science fair project is about food. Have you ever wondered which of your senses contributes the most to your ability to identify food? What about taste or smell? You may be surprised at the results. You will have to gather a panel of people who are willing to be tested and provide them with different kinds of food. Of course all of the participants will have to be blind folded and then be asked to taste and smell a variety of different food projects. You may also wish to see if there is any difference between the ability of men and women. You may wish to go a step further and see if there is any difference between boys and girls. Will you be better able to identify that hamburger by smelling it or by tasting it? What about a glass of milk? Or a baked potato? It will be your science fair project so you can construct the test any way that you wish and pick any food or drink. You may be surprised to learn that even after tasting and smelling certain foods, you still cannot tell what they are without being able to see the food. Carrots are difficult to smell and a little easier to taste. However they may be identifiable by their unusual crunch.

Some foods may be real easy to identify by taste, for example an apple or a pear. Other foods have unusual textures and may be relatively easy to identify such as banana, lettuce and tomatoes.

Those of you that have pets will enjoy science fair projects on the subject of what kind of food does your dog or cat like best. This will be a really fun science fair project where you have to line up a lot of pets from your neighborhood to participate in the test. Of course you will have to get the cooperation of their owners. And you will select a variety of different dog foods and cat foods including kibble and dry foods as well as canned wet food for this science fair project. If you would like to be able to scroll thru literally hundred and hundreds of different and very interesting science fair projects which are good for all grades from K to 12 and on virtually any subject that you can think of, by all means visit


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